A detailed audit of all Utility Bills (Electric, Natural Gas, Oil, Water, Wastewater, etc) looking back 36 months for errors and overcharges. Double billing, once identified, are changed and fixed. Once the changes have been implemented, two outcomes are possible: a refund or credit is processed and the utility bill is reduced by the amount of the error for future bills.

  • Meter errors
  • Rate errors
  • Mathematical/clerical
  • Misclassifications
  • Missed incentives and unclaimed credits
  • Duplicate charges
  • Market pricing Opportunities (Deregulated states only)

Type of businesses for Tier 1 Bill Audit: Bakeries, Industrial/Manufacturing, Agriculture such as farm, orchards, Government, Schools, Credit Union, Municipalities, Hospitals, Assisted Living Facilities and Non Profits such as Churches, etc.

Type of businesses for Tier 2 Bill Audit: Health clubs, Hotels, Resorts, Golf courses and Restaurants.

  • Execution/sign agreement : 30 minutes
  • Audit Phase : 4 weeks
  • Finding Report: 30 minutes
  • Implementation Phase : 6 weeks
  • Ongoing Monitoring : 48 Months
  • Utility Bill Audit Service Agreement
  • Authorization Form
  • Submission Form
  • Most Recent copy of Utility Bills (All pages)
  • We take care of the rest!
  • There is no up front cost
  • Broadway Energy will charge 50% of savings

(50% of refunds)

(50% of ongoing savings for 12 to 24 months)

  • No errors, No savings, NO CHARGE
  • Broadway Energy monitors accounts monthly for future months, ensuring none of the old errors revert back and no new ones occur


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