Demand Response is an incentive program operated by the state in which all Utilities participate. The incentive program focuses on reducing demand during times when the Power Grid cannot handle the electricity demand: usually during a prolonged heat wave. It is much cheaper for the utility to pay end users for reduction in energy than it is to buy expensive power from Canada or construct Power Plants that only run 1% of the year.

The Demand Response Program is an insurance policy for the utilities, if they ever need to reduce demand they have a network, of customers/businesses that are willing to participate. Customers/businesses will still get paid for participation even if by chance we have a mild winter and the utility does not have to call a Demand Response Event.

The revenues are annually recurring and do not require any out of pocket investment from the customers/businesses.

  • Turning off unnecessary lighting, appliances and equipment
  • Raising the temperature of air conditioning system
  • Using onsite generation that complies with State, City, and County Regulations
  • Using building automation system
  • Install Controller and Meter in some part of the building
  • Provides a significant source of New Revenue
  • Helps ensure local electric grid reliability
  • Benefits environment by reducing the need for new peaking power plants
  • Participating customers reduce their electricity usage at critical times on the electric system such as the hottest days and during contingencies
  • Customers will receive financial incentives for participating in the Demand Response Program
  • Manual or Automatic Load Drop
  • Energy Management systems
  • Load Shedding Schemes
  • Lighting Control Schemes
  • Backup Generation
  • Ice Storage Systems

At this present moment, Broadway Energy can do the Demand Response Program in zone J, H & I at Con Edison territory in New York.

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