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Did You Know? Energy Rates, Explained

"What's the difference between energy supply and delivery?"

Take a look at your electric or natural gas bill. On either, you're being charged for two separate things: supply and delivery.

  • The supply charge — also referred to as a generation charge — is for the actual energy itself (from the electricity or natural gas supplier)
  • Delivery charges are fees that the distributor charges for infrastructure (transmission lines/gas piping)

After energy deregulation, customers in many states now have the ability to shop for suppliers. The delivery cost, on the other hand, remains regulated. No matter where you buy your energy from, your local utility delivers your energy.

"How can you save me over 30% on my energy bill?"

By showing you the best energy rates in your area all at once, the Broadway energy platform acts as a marketplace where each supplier competes to win your business. We also work hand-in-hand with our partners to offer special online rates — lower than you'll find elsewhere.

"How do I know Broadway Energy rates are the lowest?"

Thanks to years of industry experience, broker relationships, and the competition introduced by our online marketplace, we are able to offer you the lowest electricity and natural gas rates on the market.

State-by-state, you’ll see that shorter-term plans can be cheaper than long-term plans, OR vice-versa. This depends on factors like wholesale market forecast (supply/demand).

"Are there any other reasons I should switch energy suppliers?"

Yes. In fact, there are a couple very good reasons to evaluate your current plan, even if potential rate savings aren't considerable.

1) Fixed rate vs. variable rate

ALL Broadway Energy rates are fixed, meaning you pay a fixed cost for energy over the time period you see listed for each plan. No “act now” limited-time offers. No gimmicks. And your rate doesn’t spike due to changes in the wholesale market.

If you’re not sure which type your existing plan is, see “[usage] kWh X[rate]” under the Supply section on your bill that shows your current rate, which you can compare against past bills online (or call your local utility).

2) Going green: eco-friendly energy

Looking for clean energy options, like electricity produced by renewable resources? Broadway Energy has cost-effective plans available that can also help you reduce your footprint today. What's renewable energy?

"Going green" shouldn’t have to break the bank. We’re working with our electricity & natural gas partners to bring additional green energy plans to every market we serve.

"When I compare plans on Broadway Energy, what does the 'green %' mean?"

This symbol indicates the approximate % of a plan’s energy supply that comes from renewable sources — like solar, geothermal, hydroelectric or wind.

"How long does it take to switch? Can I do this today?"

Yes, you can switch online today — no paper forms to fill out, no mailing necessary. There's no interruption in your service, no switch fee, and you'll get the same bill from your local utility.

Using our proprietary, 100% secure platform technology, we make it a matter of clicks to compare the best rates, select, and switch. Get e-notified when your new plan kicks in. Easy!

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