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Unleashing Indonesia’s solar energy potential

Image: Solar panel in Indonesia rural Area



Indonesia has more than 536 GW potential in solar energy which still underutilized.

Indonesia is a tropical country with year-round sunshine. Based on world bank research, Solar energy has the largest renewable source in Indonesia with 536 GW of potential. However in November 2019, it had only been installed at 152 MW or 0.028% out of total potential.

On other hand, Indonesia government already been setup for the national renewable energy mix target to reach 23% or about 21 GW in 2030.

Source: Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and National Electricity Company (2019).

The current renewable energy mix in Indonesia still stagnant around 12% out of total energy produce every year. Comparing this historical data with Indonesia renewables energy mix target, there is huge potential 12 GW energy that need to fill by the renewables energy sector. Solar panel solutions could be the one who create an exponential

government support & regulations

Accelerate the deployment of residential rooftop solar PV and industrial solar PV.

In the last 2 years, Indonesia government published the new regulation that can accelerated the adoption of solar PV in residential and industrial rooftop. The Ministry of energy and mineral resources (MEMR) Reg. No. 13/2019 shows support for small scale (< 500 kWp) rooftop PV users as they will no longer need to obtain Operating License and Operational Feasibility Certificate. This will ease administration process and extra costs. The MEMR Reg. No. 16/2019 will allow industrial consumers to generate and use their own solar energy with significantly less cost because the capacity charge is reduced from 40 hours to only 5 hours per month and the emergency charge is no longer applied. Dozens of new regulation that support for the solar PV installment are being drafted now to accelerate the consumer adoption to solar energy.

target market

We are focusing on the residential and industrial customer solar PV rooftop with flexible financing method.

The number of rooftop solar PV owners has increased fourfold from 351 in 2017 to 1435 owners in 2019, accounting for 16.66 MW of total solar PV capacity in 2019. A study by IESR shows that the potential market of residential rooftop solar PV (households ≥ 1,300 VA) in Indonesia ranges from 34.5 – 116.3 GWp. Even with the lowest range, it will generate 48.6 TWh or 20% of total electricity demand in Indonesia in 2019 (245 TWh).

company mission

“Indonesia Xolar is the renewable energy start-up company that provide

the zero down-payment leasing services to for residential and business to shift

their energy consume to solar energy.”

business model

Indonesia Xolar


We will helps 1,000,000 household in Indonesia to have solar PV in their home.

With the minimum potential of 34.5 GWp in residential solar rooftop in 2030, Indonesia will have 7,800,000 household solar panel customer. As the early mover, We aim to have 13% solar panel market share or about 1,000,000 household customer in 2030.


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