We are the only Indonesian-American Energy company that is based out of the US. We have been in operation for 22 years in the US energy industry.  We believe that the future in economic growth lies in the Asian region. Indonesia, one of Southeast Asia’s largest economy, has enormous potential for growth due to its abundant natural resources and a young and growing population – with Millennials constitute some 24 percent of Indonesia’s population (264million). Moreover, a relative political stability that attracts foreign investors for the Indonesian market. Therefore, It’s time to bring more US investments to Indonesia.


Government of Indonesia has highlighted that approximately IDR 2,877 trillion or 60% of total infrastructure funding is required to fill the gap of overall infrastructure funding needs.Up to 40% through a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) scheme as alternate creative financing. (BKPM – Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board).

The government will develop Renewable Energy plants in order to achieve optimal primary energy mix by 2025 as long as it meets the economic level, in accordance with the National Energy Policy. Domestic Component Level (TKDN) is also improved on the provision of goods and services for power generation, transmission, substations and distribution projects, in addition to improving primary energy supply efficiency.

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The Indonesian government is actively promoting the 10 New Bali’s development and promotion program. This project aims to have tourist cities that are as mature as the famous tropical island, Bali.

The project, spearheaded by the tourism ministry, plans to build more than 5,000 homestays, improving infrastructure, increasing financing for tourism to more than Rp 2.5 trillion ($177 million), implementing sustainable tourism in 16 destinations, developing ten economic zones, and developing nomadic tourism.

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