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Our Revolutionary Patent Pending Technology for HVAC

Our HVAC Technology can lower the actual cost of HVAC by up to 70%

Imagine a life without spoons? That’s the world you’re currently in with regards to your antiquated HVAC System. Our HVAC technology fixes that and acts like the “Spoon” for your HVAC.

We achieve fantastic energy savings by controlling the “DeltaT” and balancing the air flow volumes to create “diffusion” using gas law physics, the result is the energy dissipation at the equivalent of 6,000 mph, creating a uniform environment at a fraction of the cost.



Our HVAC Technology

“up to 70% savings on HVAC costs with Reduced Carbon Foot Print”

“Increase Profits and Asset Values”

“Your building last longer and they become more attractive to prospective tenants”

“Reduce exhaust fumes & pollutant pocket at desk level, reduce particulates & contaminants caused by poor control results in healthier employees”

“Improve human productivity. In a study, students in classrooms with higher air quality scored 14 to 15% higher on standardized test scores than children in classrooms with lower air quality.”


What We Offer

“Risk Free Financing. Zero capital outlay on your part with zero risk, as everything is insured by Munich and Lloyds of London”.

“High grade product”

“10-year warranty – 20-year lifecycle”

“High reliability – simple maintenance”

“IoT State of the art technology”

“Finance with 100% project Finance – with ZERO Client Capital outlay”

“Fully funded installation”

“100% Insured efficiency savings, capital repayment, asset performance & material damage”

“Capital repayment from savings”

“Capital cost/saving fully insured by A rated insurer”

“Metering & verification to International Standards”

Our HVAC Technology

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